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"After years of feeling stuck, I went from agent to top producer to broker to owner in less than a year.  With the systems and support at eAgent, I now believe that everything is possible."  - Yari Garcia, eAgent United


We make it simple for Real Estate Agents and Brokers to open their own brokerage and run it the way they want.

Ditch the old rent-a-seat model and run your business like an owner
Skyrocket profits by leveraging
more than just your efforts
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Become a recruiting powerhouse and start leading the market
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Why don’t more agents go out
on their own?

There are a lot of reasons. The top reason is that brokers make it look harder than it actually is. Ever hear a broker complain about liability, responsibility, or overhead?  What if all of these issues could be resolved for you?

An outdated business model is holding you back.

It's frustrating that we're in an industry where no one offers training on how to run a real estate brokerage before you open one. Your broker isn't going to do it. And it's not much better for brokers who run their own businesses who feel weighed down by corporate restrictions, small profit margins, ever-changing technology, and agent retention. 

● New models attempt to solve this problem with opportunities that sound more like multi-level marketing than a real estate business.
● Even those who offer stock options and profit share only partially solve the problem with band-aid solutions. 
● Real estate agents and brokers are still left with feelings that they're renting their business instead of owning it.

You didn't choose a career in real estate to

let others create limits for you. 

A brokerage for the modern Agent

The only way to outperform your competition is to bring value to the market in price, quality service, and innovation. eAgent offers unique opportunities that let you customize your business objectives with your own creative vision. Plus you receive regional support and training on all of the

plug-and-play systems you need to

accelerate your success.

While most brokerage models want your arm, leg, and first born - we offer an easier point of entry with financing options. Discover how we can transform your current feelings of frustration and limits into a new world of unmatched opportunities.

"After years of feeling stuck, I went from agent to top producer to broker to owner in less than a year.  With the systems and support at eAgent, I now believe that everything is possible."

- Yari Garcia, eAgent United


eAgent offers limitless opportunities that lets you customize your business objectives with your unique vision.

Local Broker
Owner Training

Our model incentivizes collaboration over competition. Meet with other eAgent Brokers in your local market to discuss topics and learn together.

A Culture of Empowerment

Culture is often talked about but rarely defined. Our Five Pillars drives the eAgent culture and your growth as a person to unlock your highest potential.

Franchise Options

We offer affordability and flexibility. There's also a franchise discount for your past twelve month's production

& Technology

Be a part of a brand that strives to offer the best technology. Even nurture your clients with our Smart CRM automation.

Out of the Box
Commission Plans

Want to be able to recruit top-tier agents in your market? We have 100% commission options for agents who qualify.

Office Concepts

Get all of the perks of having your own office without paying the high-priced overhead. We have shared-space solutions for any budget.

Our concept is radical, yet simple. Here's how you can find out more.

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Any decision starts with simple steps. A confidential conversation begins in person or on Zoom.  You decide.

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Uncover the many opportunities we offer Agents and Brokers. Select a personalized roadmap based on your unique goals.

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Once you understand your options better, you'll change how you think about your business and what the next step should be for you.


We have many different paths
for those who want more.

Some take ownership now by opening their own brokerage. Some take longer by following our Agent To Broker path. Others want a better office culture, opportunities for advancement, or to become a top producer. No matter your path, you're on your way to claiming your future.


"Today you're renting your business. Start investing in yourself instead of paying

a broker to be your landlord."   - Hattie Mae Allen, eAgent Gulf Coast

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