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Unleash Your Potential with eAgent: Transforming Frustration into Unmatched Opportunities

Are you tired of falling behind your competition? We understand your struggle to figure out how to market yourself, get more leads, close more deals, and make more money. We want to help you go from being an ordinary agent to an extraordinary leader in your area.


With eAgent, you'll receive the support, training, and all the plug-and-play systems you need to accelerate your success. Becoming a top producer starts with the right image, mentoring, and tools. Our cutting-edge platform will take your productivity to the next level and beyond what you ever thought possible.

Say goodbye to the frustration of paying to build someone else's brand. At eAgent, we believe most real estate agents pay too much for the value they receive. Every agent gets their own customized 100% commission program.

If you're feeling overwhelmed managing clients, vendors, and transactions, we've got you covered. Our easy-to-learn and easy-to-use full suite of tools is designed to help you effectively manage your business. We integrate as much as possible, so you won't have to juggle different websites, platforms, or passwords.

Think we have a CRM like everyone else? Think again. At eAgent, you own your data and can take your contacts with you if you decide to leave. Your broker doesn't have access to your CRM contacts, and neither does anyone else. We understand that it's your business, and we treat it as such. 

At eAgent, we take care of the minutiae so you can focus on what truly matters – your drive to succeed. With us by your side, you'll have the tools and support you need to elevate your career to new heights.


So why wait? Start your journey to the top today!

Listen To What Our Agents Are Saying

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Mellissa Fraiser, eAgent

Mellissa Fraiser, eAgent

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eAgent - Hattie Mae Allen's Story

eAgent - Hattie Mae Allen's Story

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Jamie Kimenski, eAgent

Jamie Kimenski, eAgent

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Rachael Gill, eAgent

Rachael Gill, eAgent

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Connect with eAgent


Big decisions start with simple steps. A confidential conversation begins in person or on Zoom. 

Discover eAgent Opportunities


Uncover the many opportunities we offer agents and brokers. Select a personalized roadmap based on your unique goals.

Transform your business with eAgent


Once you understand your options better, you'll change how you think about your business and what the next step should be for you.

Our concept is radical, yet simple. Here's how you can join the evolution. 


eAgent = eVolved. We've changed the way the game is played.

6 Key eAgent Benefits that Will Help You Get to Top Producer.

  • You’ll get access to our Productive Score to track your progress by gamifying your daily activities.

  • Automate your client follow-up with our Smart CRM through kvCORE.

  • Use our Lead Engine to quickly get your pipeline in order and close more deals.

  • Access our simple, wizard-like Playbooks created from the best practices of top real estate agents.

  • Learn to market yourself as a Guide through a 7-Part Storybrand Framework.

  • Learn to Position Yourself in your market as an expert in a specific niche to stand out from traditional agents.


But… that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

What is it costing you by not changing?

  • It's costing you money if you don’t have a cap on how much your Broker takes.

  • It's costing you listings if you’re not making the right impact with sellers.

  • It's costing you buyer leads if you don’t have professional photography with 3D.

  • It's costing you referrals from friends and family without the proper Smart CRM process.

  • It's costing you time when you’re not managing your transactions digitally.

  • It's costing you business when you’re no longer excited about taking the right actions.


You didn't choose a career in real estate to lose.


Our Blog

We have many different paths
for those who want more.

Some take ownership now by opening their own brokerage. Some take longer by following our Agent To Broker path. Others want a better office culture, opportunities for advancement, or to become a top producer. No matter your path, you're on your way to claiming your future.


"Today you're renting your business. Start investing in yourself instead of paying

a broker to be your landlord."   - Hattie Mae Allen, eAgent Gulf Coast

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