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A2B Agent To Broker Plan eAgent

Discover the Path to Independence with eAgent: Unlock Your Potential!

Why don't more agents go out on their own? Fear and misconceptions hold agents back from going out on their own, but here's the truth: being a broker/owner is not as risky or difficult as it seems. At eAgent, we resolve the challenges that brokers exaggerate – liability, responsibility, and overhead.

It starts with getting your broker's license, but there's much more to learn about being a successful broker. Our extensive benefits include lucrative Broker/Owner training, addressing the lack of industry resources in this area. eAgent brokers are eager to guide you, ensuring a seamless transition from agent to Broker/Owner.


We have a radical yet simple concept: Brokers teach agents to become their own competition. Brokers teaching agents to leave their office to become their competition is unheard of in our industry.  Think about it… if you want to open your own office one day, who’s going to show you the ropes?  Who’s going to make sure you don’t waste capital?  Who’s going to give you all of their best trade secrets to make sure you succeed in your new office? 


eAgent was founded on an innovative concept of teaching agents how to open their brokerages without sacrificing their profitability, their production, their capital, or a significant amount of their time.  In fact, this model has increased both profitability and production for our franchisees!


We're not hung up on our way of doing things. We give you options that you won't find anywhere else. Elevate your career and find out which path is best suited for you. Our goal is to help you succeed in a way that feels best suited for you, your family, and your life goals.

We offer unique options to elevate your career:

  • Plug into our integrated technology hub for time savings and increased productivity.

  • Receive dedicated local 1-on-1 support at every step.

  • Keep more of your hard-earned money by becoming the boss.

Most new brokers face challenges alone, but we're here to change that. At eAgent, we foster a culture where becoming your own broker is the natural next step. Enjoy the benefits of being a broker/owner while plugging into a local Synergy Office, ensuring profitability.

So, what's holding you back? Going out on your own may seem like a huge leap, but with our guidance and support, it's an achievable goal. Say goodbye to building someone else's brand. At eAgent, we handle the minutiae, allowing you to focus on your drive to succeed. With our unwavering support and tools, elevate your career to new heights.

Click HERE to see the #7 Reason of 10 why Agents switch to eAgent. 

What Our Franchisees Are Saying


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Yari Garcia, Broker/Owner

Yari Garcia, Broker/Owner

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Laura Quarles, Broker/Owner

Laura Quarles, Broker/Owner

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Bradley Keesee, Broker/Owner

Bradley Keesee, Broker/Owner

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eAgent - Steven Pascua's Story

eAgent - Steven Pascua's Story

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Connect with us at eAgent


Big decisions start with simple steps. A confidential conversation begins in person or on Zoom. 

Discover your real estate options with eAgent


Uncover the many opportunities we offer agents and brokers. Select a personalized roadmap based on your unique goals.

Transform your brokerage with eAgent


Once you understand your options better, you'll change how you think about your business and what the next step should be for you.

Our concept is radical, yet simple. Here's how you can join the evolution. 


eAgent = eVolved. We've changed the way the game is played.

Stop Renting Your Business and Build Your Own.

It's frustrating that we're in an industry where no one offers training on how to run a real estate brokerage before you open one. Your broker isn't going to do it. And it's not much better for brokers who feel weighed down by corporate restrictions, small profit margins, ever-changing technology, and agent retention. 

● New models attempt to solve this problem with opportunities that sound more like multi-level marketing than a real estate business.
Even those who offer stock options and profit share only partially solve the problem with band-aid solutions. 
Real estate agents and brokers are still left with feelings that they're renting their business instead of owning it.

An outdated business model is holding you back.

6 Key eAgent Benefits that Will Help You Open Your Own Brokerage.

  • Affordable franchise options - earn your franchise while you're an agent learning how to run a brokerage.

  • Flexible office concepts, local Synergy Offices - incubators for new brokers without the high overhead.

  • Gain valuable time by managing transactions digitally through your brokerage.

  • Get more business with the best, most user-friendly technology package  in the industry.

  • Growing your business with excitement gained through 1-on-1 mentorship from a local Regional Partner.

  • Make more money with a customized 100% commission program just for your brokerage.


But… that’s just the tip of the iceberg.


Our News Blog

We have many different paths
for those who want more.

Some take ownership now by opening their own brokerage. Some take longer by following our Agent To Broker path. Others want a better office culture, opportunities for advancement, or to become a top producer. No matter your path, you're on your way to claiming your future.


"Today you're renting your business. Start investing in yourself instead of paying

a broker to be your landlord."   - Hattie Mae Allen, eAgent Gulf Coast

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