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eAgent® Unleashes the Power of EVO/Tech with kvCORE: Revolutionizing Real Estate Technology

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Get ready for a game-changing transformation in the world of real estate technology! eAgent, the radical real estate industry leader, is taking its technology to the next level with the EVO/Tech platform, powered by the cutting-edge kvCORE technology. After a highly successful launch in April, eAgent is now rolling out this state-of-the-art platform to its affiliates across the Gulf Coast region.

Imagine having access to a comprehensive suite of tools that can automate virtually every aspect of your real estate business. With EVO/Tech powered by kvCORE, eAgent affiliates can now effortlessly manage their websites, leads, marketing, transactions, and gain valuable business insights. It's like having a personal assistant dedicated to streamlining your operations and maximizing your success.

Let's dive into some of the amazing features this groundbreaking platform offers:

  1. IDX Websites: Engage your website visitors with captivating community details, home valuation pages, and more. Plus, you have total brand control with customizable templates, ensuring your online presence aligns with your unique identity.

  2. Powerful Lead Engine: Drive new business like never before with the most robust lead generation tools available. Brokerages, teams, and agents can now effectively capture leads and turn them into valuable clients.

  3. AI-Powered Smart CRM: Say goodbye to manual lead management. The smart CRM uses artificial intelligence to validate leads, score their potential, and schedule follow-ups automatically. Convert more contacts into satisfied clients effortlessly.

  4. Marketing Autopilot: Stay at the forefront of your clients' minds with smart campaigns that engage them directly. Your marketing efforts will be on autopilot, keeping you top-of-mind and poised for more business opportunities.

  5. Listing Management & Marketing: Seamlessly handle all your listings, regardless of the market, in one central location. You can easily maximize listing exposure with built-in marketing tools that enable instant posting to platforms like Facebook, mass email, and text.

  6. Transaction Management Integration: Closing deals has never been easier. The platform integrates seamlessly with leading transaction management platforms such as Dotloop and DocuSign Transaction Rooms, streamlining your workflow.

  7. Team Platform Independence: The platform caters to teams by offering team branding, lead generation, sophisticated routing, and agent accountability rules. It even features a built-in marketplace for integrating add-on solutions essential for running a successful team.

  8. Top-Rated Mobile Dialer & Open House App: With agents constantly on the move, the platform provides a top-rated mobile dialer app and a sleek open house app designed to capture and convert more business. Run your business from anywhere!

Justin Allen, eAgent LLC's Chief Executive Officer, shared his excitement, stating, "The combination of premier technology, the most productive global network, and a top brand is truly powerful. EVO/Tech powered by kvCORE empowers our affiliates to grow their business, maximize their sphere, generate leads, automate their systems, market their services, and achieve overall growth. It gives them the technology edge they need to take their business to new heights."

But that's not all! Affiliates will also have access to an array of additional tools and features:

  • CORE Listing Machine & Design Center: A fully automated listing marketing suite, complete with single property websites, property tours, automated social media posting, and a comprehensive print & digital design center.

  • CORE Present: An award-winning CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) and presentation builder, equipped with interactive pricing analysis, persona-driven designs, and client engagement tracking.

  • CORE Team Add-On: Independent team accounts featuring team lead generation, lead routing, pond accounts, team accountability rules, and more.

  • Marketplace: A built-in and fully integrated marketplace offering premium add-on solutions and integrations like PropertyBoost, Done For You lead generation, and much more.

eAgent's existing marketing tools like custom Story-branded agent websites will also be seamlessly integrated into the branded tech experience, creating a cohesive ecosystem that caters to all your real estate needs.

Jennifer Huber, VP of Sales for eAgent, highlighted the importance of these tech offerings for teams, saying, "Managing and building successful teams is a homerun for eAgent. These tech tools provide our teams with endless opportunities and resources to up their game and achieve even greater success. We are especially proud to include the unique offering of CORE Team Add-On in our package."

The rollout of EVO/Tech will continue throughout the year, with franchises throughout Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana and then expanding to participating independent regions. To learn more about eAgent and its groundbreaking technology offerings, stay tuned and visit their official website. Get ready to take your real estate business to extraordinary new heights with EVO/Tech powered by kvCORE.

The future of real estate is here!

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